Tyga f. Chris Richardson “Far Away” directed by Iren Sheffield: Behind the Scenes Photos

Here are some great behind the scenes photos from Iren Sheffield’s video shoot for Tyga f. Chris Richardson “Far Away”

Tyga studio performance set up


Tyga and Yasmin Deliz his love interest in the video

Director Iren Sheffield (he is on the far right) watches Tyga on the monitor

Tyga and Yasmin Deliz

Setting up for the car crash

Yasmin Deliz, Chris Robinson, Tyga

Director Iren Sheffield shooting on the beach

The camera crew getting a high angle shot

Video village on the beach

Chris Richardson performs from a rock in the ocean

Chris Richardson

Tyga and Chris Richardson Performing in the Ocean

Tyga and Chris Richardson

About Robot Films

Robot Films provides a creative portal for brands aiming to connect with wide audiences through youth culture. Founded by award winning director Chris Robinson in 1999, the company has become a leader in marketing through entertainment and sports, producing iconic music videos, commercials, features and product placement. Today Robot stands as a well-connected commercial collaborative with a distinct point of view, gleaned from deep roots in the music industry and sports figure access. Just ask artists such as Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Usher, Nas, Kanye West and 50 cent, and sports figures such as Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo – the visionary work coming out of Robot is anything but mechanical.
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